Detroit: Become Human Is Coming Out This May


Detroit: Become Human, the next game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, comes out on May 25 exclusively on the PlayStation 4, right after that other PS4 exclusive you're probably waiting for.

Information regarding pricing was supplied by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong.  A standard copy of Detroit: Become Human will cost you PHP 2,799, while the Collector's Edition will cost you PHP 3,199 in the Philippines. There isn't much to the Collector's Edition compared with other special edition offerings, as you simply get a bonus art book.

For those of you who remain untouched by the blitz of marketing and hype, Detroit: Become Human is set in a near-future Detroit where androids are everywhere. You experience the story through three characters; Kara is a newly created android with artificial consciousness, Conner is a police android tasked to handled other androids that deviate from their usual programmed behavior, while Markus is an android who is hell-bent on freeing other androids.

The story of Detroit: Become Human moves forward regardless of the choices you make. Quantic Dream said there are many ways to tackle a scene in the game.  

While Detroit: Become Human has been in development for quite awhile, this release date is the first time Sony has marked the game on the calendar. Detroit is Quantic Dream's fifth game. Their most recent game was Beyond: Two Souls, released back in 2013. Beyond was notable for starring Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe in pivotal roles, and also focused on storytelling and player choice.