Let It Die Is Living The Good Life As It Scores Four Million Downloads


Looks like Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play hack and slash game for the PS4 is building quite a community. GungHo Online Entertainment America has just announced that Let It Die has reached four million downloads in the PlayStation Store. 

Let It Die was released back in December of 2016 and was what we'd expect from the makers of No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. When 2017 hit, the hack and slash game found itself hitting the one million milestone, and was apparently able to attract more players since then, sustaining itself with microtransactions. This is the first time the studio has tackled the free-to-play market and it seems to be going their way with it only out on the PS4.

“I am overjoyed that we were able to achieve four million downloads since Let It Die’s release a year ago,” said Kazuki Morishita, CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment. “Thank you to the fans for their continued support, and we will continue to produce more content so that Let It Die can be enjoyed for years to come.”

A trailer was released at the end of January, teasing players that more is coming to Let It Die in its second year.

I played it last year and it was actually fun climbing the Tower of Barbs. It can be challenging and you pretty much have to work with the items you make or pick up along the way, going through grotesque bosses and dealing with player characters that have died previously, roaming around to kill you.