Fight Of Gods Is A Fighting Game With Santa Claus And Jesus In It

Yes, we are not kidding. Jesus and other known gods are in a fighting game, and to make things more interesting, developers Digital Crafter have added in Santa Claus because...well why not? 

It was revealed last December and we saw the fighting game at Taipei Game Show 2018. As much as this game will make a lot of people shaking their heads, so far it's slowly turning out to be a competent fighting game. Animations do look stiff, but it works as a proper fighter complete with aerial juggles, corner combos, and if I'm seeing things right, cross-ups (A jumping attack that would require the defending player to block the opposite site thanks the attacker landing on the other side.

It's available on Steam right now and it's under the Steam Early Access program for less than P300. Apparently, there's already a DLC character called Freyja for purchase which is weird because this game is considered to still be in development, but let's not get into that.