Dragon Ball FighterZ's First DLC Characters Are Broly and Bardock


After the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ  I had a feeling that we might see Arale Norimaki as as the first DLC character. Sadly, Bandai Namco proved me wrong by announcing Broly and Bardock. 

Two more Saiyans will join the roster soon and they are part of the game's Season Pass called FighterZ Pass, which promises 8 characters after release. Broly, the crazy-looking Saiyan, debuted as the antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z movies and is considered a fan favorite when it comes to Dragon Ball baddies. 

The Bardock announcement was something we weren't expecting. It will be interesting to see what System Arc Works has done with the move set of the father of Son Goku and Raditz. Hopefully they worked on some dialogue for when we have father and son face off because that would be a treat to witness, or at the very least a small exchange with Bardock and Frieza.

So far there's no release date given, not even a trailer showing them off. All we got so far are photos of the two saiyans in action, even showing Bardock in Super Saiyan form, which honestly I've never seen. Have a look at the photos below. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check our full review right here and we consider it a must-buy for Dragon Ball fans and is a strong contender for the fighing game community as the must-see game in upcoming tournaments ,because this is one entertaining game to watch thanks to the amazing animations and effects that properly represent the source material. 

I'll still call it though - Arale will be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ in the near future.