Transformers Games Removed From Steam After Deal Between Hasbro And Activision Expires


If you were waiting for Transformers games like Fall of Cybertron, War for Cybertron or 2015's Devastation to go for dirt cheap before picking them up, well I've got some bad news. Activision has removed the games from Steam and all other digital marketplaces.

The issue is that Hasbro, the makers of those robots in disguise, and Activision couldn't come to an agreement on the retail future of those games now that the licensing agreement between the two has expired. 

This wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened to a bunch of Activision games before. Just try looking up Deadpool, Spider-Man and Turtles in your digital marketplace of choice and you'll see many games you swore existed, no longer exist.  If you're even older, you'll remember the same fate befell a bunch of Star Trek games from Activision too. 

Fortunately, in cases like these, people who still own the games, still own the games. That means if you grabbed any of the Transformer games on Steam, they still function. But if you never grabbed any of the DLC, well that's too bad, as the store pages for each game are effectively gone. 

With Paramount Pictures currently looking to semi-reboot the movie series, it's quite probable we're going to see a reset of the franchise on both the big screen. Hasbro will likely then draw up a new deal for the next line of games, with Activision or with another publisher assuming the Matrix of Publishing. 

While games like 2014's Rise of the Dark Spark were kind of a mirthless affair, the deal between Hasbro and Activision wasn't all bad. 2015's animation-styled combo-brawler Transformers: Devastation was pretty good, especially as it was developed by PlatinumGames. 2012's Fall of Cybertron was a welcome improvement over War of Cybertron from High Moon.