TMG Podcast Episode 183 - Don't Be That Guy

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As we get back to the usual weekly grind, we tackle the latest games we were able to try out and the news that pretty much started 2018. Matthew continues to share the many games he has tackled in the last few weeks starting with Mortal Kombat X followed by Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! For Carlos and Miggy, they talk about Dragon Ball FighterZ's Open Beta. Miggy also goes in-depth with his time on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Then the news - we tackle the latest changes in the esports scene in the Philippines with the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) now in the picture, plus we talk about the struggles developers have to face to the vocal few, which was addressed by Morgan Jaffit of Hand of Fate fame. 

You can read his whole piece that we base our whole conversation on here:

We then end the case with our initial thoughts of the Nintendo Labo, which was announced the morning before the recording for 183.

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