PUBG Players Dislike The New Map, So They Removed It


PUBG is officially in 1.0 territory, and with it a new map that is now in rotation with the original map. Miramar, the new desert-themed map, isn't the preferred map for some players apparently, to the point that players found ways to make sure they get Erangel whenever they look for games. 

In Reddit, one user simply stated that he removed all of Miramar's game files and is now getting just Erangel games. Other players were happy that there are ways to make sure they won't get to play the new map, giving suggestions on their own. One even suggested that they rename all of Miramar's game files.

What this does is when you search for a game and you get matched for Miramar you are instantly kicked back to the lobby with the option to reconnect. Simply do not reconnect and run the matchmaking again until you get Erangel. It's a pretty rough solution that could lead to bugs in the future. One user also suggested a third-party software that helps prevent you from getting Miramar but just like deleting game files, try it at your own risk. Doing this could lead to issues when upcoming patches arrive in the future.

Right now PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has no feature to make players set what maps they prefer to play when looking for a game. The developers did say that such a feature will be coming soon, but for now, players will have to either accept what map they get or take matters into their own hands.

The Miramar desert map was officially released when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds finally left Steam's Early Access program and launched version 1.0 of the game last year.