Warframe Developer Reveals Their Next Game - The Amazing Eternals

The Amazing Eternals is a Free-To-Play shooter with a card and deck building system that alters the player's characters. Your character's abilities, weapons, and traits will be based on the deck you built and the cards you drew during the match. 

That's all we know about it so far but the art style and setting are quite broad, tackling science fiction, westerns, and more. Registration for The Amazing Eternals is already available for those that are interested in participating in any beta in the future. 

The Amazing Eternals will have a Founders program which launches on August 29. Buying in on the Founders program gives you instant access, making you one of the first batch of players for the game.

The Amazing Eternals is being developed by Digital Extremes, known for the popular Free-To-Play title Waframe. So far, The Amazing Eternals is planned for released on the PC.