For Honor Season 3 Adds Two New Heroes, Two Maps, And A Variety Of Changes

In the last season, For Honor introduced the Shinobi and Centurion heroes. For season 3, which is called "Grudge and Glory", the Highlander (Viking class) and Gladiator (Knight class) heroes join the fray and will be available for Season Pass holders for free on August 15. For those that do not have the Season Pass, you'll have to wait until August 22 to unlock them through the in-game currency. Each hero will cost 15,000 steel. Maps and gameplay changes that come with season 3 will be free for all players of For Honor.

For Honor was initially plagued with horrible server issues that turned off a handful of players after release. In a report by PC Gamer, the player base on Steam has gone down by 95% since launch. Yikes. Not only that, there have been balancing issues with the classes available that also affected those that remained loyal to the game. Despite these issues, Ubisoft continues to support the game with the reveal of season 3, adding in improvements to player experience and the introduction of ranked play and 1v1 tournaments. We had a blast when we played it during the beta and we still think it has a solid foundation for growing a strong population behind this melee-focused online game. 

Rodey Bros,  a Youtuber, also believes that For Honor can find that second wind and grow that loyal fan base to keep the matches going. You can check out his video above. 

It's sad to see For Honor go through the many issues after launch. This online game has a lot of potential and hopefully, the new changes and added content will bring it to a new light for interested players. Melee combat has never been this good and it would be a shame for it to not reach what it could become on a competitive level.