There's Now A Release Date For Lost Sphear

Tokyo RPG Factory, who's responsible for the indie RPG I Am Setsuna, announced their next game a few months ago and it's called Lost Sphear. Now, we have a release date. The RPG will hit PlayStation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch on January 23, 2018.

Lost Sphear will have a classic turn-based RPG system. Which is good considering that most RPGs nowadays have strayed away from the classic systems and story tropes that were everywhere in the 90s. I miss turn-based combat and it's good to see there are options to those that want to go back to that style.

In Lost Sphear, a boy named Kanata goes on a journey with his comrades to save his home. He must learn the "power of Memory" and rebuild the world around him, restoring what was lost and stop the world from being lost forever. 

Pre-orders are up for those interested in Toky RPG Factory's latest. If you pre-order through the PlayStation Store, owners will receive a dynamic PS4 theme and two music tracks. For those on Steam, you will also get two music tracks but instead of a dynamic theme, you will get a wallpaper. A physical release of the game is coming out on the console versions of the game and will be available exclusively through Square Enix's online store