Gunrunning Update For GTA Online Now Live On All Platforms

GTA Online was updated on June 13 and it adds a ton of new content for avid players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Gunrunning is one crazy update. Players can now aim for another profitable business in manufacturing and sell illegal arms. 

Your gunrunning career begins as soon as you buy a bunker. "Players can purchase a Bunker property from one of 11 available locations from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Once a Bunker has been purchased, players will be contacted by Agent 14 – the original contact for Heists – with details of how to set up their new venture. In order to start up a Gunrunning business players must first be a CEO, a VIP, or President of their own Motorcycle Club. To ease the entry into this underground network for new would-be entrepreneurs, the required collateral to register as a VIP has been lowered from a $1,000,000 to a $50,000 minimum Maze Bank balance." says Rockstar in a press release provided by them.

Once a player has a bunker, most of the gunrunning update features kick in. Inside the bunker, you'll be able to launch the gunrunning missions, customize and research weapons and weaponized vehicle mods. Then, you can customize your new home a tad bit more by including a shooting range, Gun Locker, and a personal quarters.

Weaponize Your Rides And Take That Base To The Streets

Gunnrunning will also include six new Weaponized Vehicles and the option to purchase your very own Mobile Operation Center (MOC), which is pretty much your base on wheels that has all the features needed to continue running your new business on the go.

As you move forward in your new business, Mobile Operation missions will unlock and it will be for up to 4 players. There will be eight available in this update. 

Then, new cosmetic items and weapons were included in this update, so this is the biggest update for the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V. 

And it's all free for all who owns the game. You crazy, Rockstar.

It's live now, so update your game and start rolling out your own MOC. For full details on the Gunrunning update, check out the patch notes here.