Drifting Lands Is A Shmup With A Lot Of Gear And Loot To Gather

Drifting Lands is a shoot'em'up game with a loot system similar to action RPG titles. As the description for the game says "Blending the intense combat of shmup gameplay with the freedom of ARPG-style character progression, Drifting Lands defies genre conventions to create a new style of action game.". So, bullet hell mixed with Diablo loot. It could work.

The game will give players access to three types of ships that can be geared up with loot found in missions or bought in the game's shop. There will be 60 skills available in the game to further customize your ship. Drifting Lands will feature 100 levels and a full story mode when it gets released next week.

Drifting Lands is currently in Steam's Early Access program with a price of P489.95. It will officially be released on June 5.