New Trailer For Code Vein Gives Us A Look At Gameplay

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for their new action RPG titled Code Vein. 

Last April, Bandai Namco officially revealed Code Vein and I called it a mix of both God Eater and Bloodborne. Based on this trailer above, I'm not far off with the comparison. 

The trailer shows that the combat is indeed Dark Souls/Bloodborne inspired. Big bosses will be a thing for Code Vein and they showed quite a good amount of variety here when it comes to weapons. We also get a glimpse of the different environments of the game, giving us the idea that this game will not be limited to one location as you figure out what is going on in this ruined world. 

There will be a companion mechanic but is briefly shown in the footage - you can bring one character from a society called Vein to fight alongside you. A series of companions will be made available to the player to compliment their character builds. No information is given at the moment on how much customization there will be with the companions in the game, but it looks like you'll be rolling with a two-man group in Code Vein.

Code Vein is set to release in 2018. Namco Bandai states that it will be available on major consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are safe bets, but only time will tell for a PC release or even a Nintendo Switch release.