Mass Effect: Andromeda Out Today, So Here's A Heads Up - Review Roundup

The game is officially out! Priced at P2,695 by Philippine retail store Datablitz, Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't getting the best first impression. Also, critics have given their opinion on the latest entry on the sci-fi epic and it's quite a spread, which is a first for this year. 

Graphics and writing are the biggest concern once you check out most of the reviews about this game. Combat though is getting a lot of praise, despite its changes in cover and class customization, it's considered the best part of the game. 

Talks about the multiplayer portion of the game is very small, with most saying it works as intended. And it seems to be enough content to go around, keeping you busy for weeks if you take your time. 

Here's the roundup of scores. Feel free to comment below on new scores that show up and we'll update the list. 

VG247  - "Rough As Guts For The First 10 Hours, But Worth Fighting Through To The Heart"
Forbes -  8.5
PlayStation Universe - 8
PC Gamer - 80/100
IGN - 7.7
Polygon - 7.5
GamesRadar - 3.5/5
Destructoid - 6.5
PlayStation Lifestyle - 6.5
GameSpot - 6
Eurogamer - "The combat crackles and the worlds are lush, but mediocre writing and tepid quests add up to what is probably BioWare's worst RPG yet."
Kotaku - "A Game To Get Lost In"

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available on retail for PlayStation 4 and Xbox so far, no word yet on the retail PC copy of the game.