Streamer Goes Through Resident Evil 7 With Just A Knife On The Hardest Difficulty

Speedruns can be quite entertaining since players break or do outrageous tasks in order to lessen their game time. This streamer/Youtuber in particular, by the name of Quizzle, decided to up the ante with his Resident Evil 7 speedrun by going through the game with just the knife, on Madhouse difficulty. 

Despite playing the hardest difficulty, and the lack of weapons to fend off those nasty creatures, he managed to finish the game under 4 hours. 

The average clear time for most players with Resident Evil 7 is around 7-10 hours on the normal difficulty.

Speedruns go past most content - they hardly fight, and they always focus on moving forward. It's all about the time. What makes this specific run interesting is how effective the game's block mechanic. Even on the highest difficulty it still seems to negate a good chunk of damage when forced to fight. 

So if you are planning to go through the game on Madhouse difficulty, don't forget to raise your hands.