Production of the Wii U Ends In Japan

There is really no surprise since the Nintendo Switch is coming this March. It was confirmed via Reddit, and at the same time confirmed that production for the Nintendo Switch has increased, which means it's all hands on deck at Nintendo to prevent another Wii U situation.

The Nintendo Wii U launched in November of 2012, and as of December of 2016, the Wii U has sold approximately 13.56 million units worldwide since its launch, via Nintendo's sales data. These numbers are quite low if you compare it with other competitor sales and the impressive sales of the Wii which now stands at 101.63 million units sold. With those kinds of sales since its four years of availability, the existence of the Nintendo Switch this early makes sense.

Further confirmation of the production ending was confirmed by Gamespot as well.

If you held off getting a Wii U and still plan on getting it, we suggest you go for it soon because it might be hard to find in the coming months.

Game One Gadget, priced Bundled Wii U consoles at P16,800.

The Nintendo Switch is coming on March 3 and we have mixed thoughts on the upcoming console, and the confirmed line-up of games announced so far gave us more concern for this console hybrid.