Deemo: The Last Recital Getting Updated, US and EU Release Detailed

Deemo, the Rhythm game released in iOS and Android in 2013 then later released on the PS Vita June of 2015 in Japan, will be getting a 2.4 update that adds more content to the game. 

From the press release given by Rayark Inc, The update, which will hit on February 28, will include a series of song collections into the game such as “Shattered Memories”, ”Rabpit Collection”, “Sakuzyo Collection”, “Timeline Collection” and more.

In celebration of the update that will both hit mobile and Vita versions of the game, a 70% discount will also take effect for those that haven't purchased the Asia/Japanese version of Deemo: The Last Recital. The discount will run from February 28 to March 13 2017. The discount brings Deemo to 583 JPY in Japan, down from the original price of 1944 JPY.

A US and EU version was announced to hit this spring and will include the content from the 2.4 update. It will be distributed by PM Studios.  

For more information on Deemo: The Last Recital, check out the game's Facebook page, as well as their Twitter