The Latest Death Stranding Trailer Is The Craziest One Yet

A new trailer debuted at the 2017 Game Awards and of course, it adds more questions and confusion as to what Hideo Kojima is creating. It's literally hard to explain so it's best to just watch it above. 

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's first project under Kojima Productions after he left Konami once development of Metal Gear Solid V was complete. It's a PS4 exclusive and the footage released so far has not given the slightest clue as to what we will be getting from the famed game creator. As I write this, I'm still trying to wrap my head as to why Norman Reedus has a fetus giving a thumbs up in his throat.

“Once there was an explosion, a bang that gave rise to life as we know it,” Reedus growls. “Then came the next explosion. An explosion that will be our last.” 

I should stop trying and hopefully, we see more of it, especially the game's gameplay if there's any.