Persona Series Really Wants You To Dance All Night


Atlus held their Persona live stream yesterday. It's difficult to understand what happened, but what we can do is tell you about the actual news that came out of that wacky stream, the biggest of which are the details on the upcoming Dancing Night titles. 

On the stream, the announcement was made that both Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night would be launching in Japan on May 24th next year. New trailers were shown revealing that they would retain the same rhythm-based action and core dance features from Persona 4: Dancing All Night. 

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

Atlus also revealed that the previously Vita exclusive Persona 4: Dancing All Night would be coming to the PS4 by way of a re-release. It'll be part of a beautiful trilogy box set that bundles it with Moon and Star as well as exclusive costumes and a four-disc soundtrack.  

There don't seem to be any plans to re-release Persona 4 Dancing All Night as a standalone title. But if you own the game already on PS Vita however, then your DLC purchases will carry over into the PS4 re-release.