Armored Core Is Not Dead According To From Software

Armored Core Thumb.jpg

From Software, developers of the Dark Souls series, held a stream to celebrate Armored Core's 20th anniversary. Naturally, people were wondering if there will be a big announcement for the series but nothing was given except assurance via Twitter that the Armored Core series is not done.  

"Thank you for watching the Armored Core 20th Anniversary Music Special Broadcast!" the translated tweet read. "There is nothing we can announce now, but we don't intend to end the AC series as it is, so we'd be happy if you could wait a little longer. Even going forward, thanks for supporting From Software!"

Their latest tweet definitely gave fans something to cling on. From Software has been quiet since they finished development on Dark Souls 3. We know that they are working on a new project that isn't in line with the Souls series so a new entry to the Armored Core series can be a possibility, or they could be working on an entirely new game, who knows. But it's good to hear that the series will make a return in the future and that From Software is moving forward creatively from the souls series.

In a follow-up tweet, From Software announced that a 20th anniversary Armored Core PS4 theme that will be available on December 5. 

The last Armored Core game was Armored Core: Verdict Day for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013. Armored Core has yet to be released on current console platforms in either a remastered or a new entry to the series.