Marvel Heroes Studio Shutting Down Sooner Than Planned, Hundreds Laid Off


It was a shocker to hear that Disney has severed ties with Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment, resulting in the shut down of the action RPG for good. The shut down was planned at the end of the year but credible reports from Massively OP suggests that the shut down of the online game is planned this week with all Gazillion employees now losing their jobs. 

To make matters worse, based on a tweet from a former employee, it looks like Gazillion employees won't be getting any severance pay after everything has been said and done. 

An image from the company's discord further supports the closure happening this week, November 24 to be exact. It's a bad situation for everybody involved and it's horrible to see not only an online game shutting down but the employees that worked so hard on it are suddenly without jobs.

Marvel Heroes was released back in 2013 for PC. This online-only action RPG was a Free-To-Play game that allows players to play their iconic Marvel characters, leveling them up and finding better loot in a Diablo-like manner. Each hero released had their own unique skills and abilities and is purchasable either through the in-game currency or with real money. Only this year in June did we see a console port of the game under the name Marvel Heroes Omega.

I've spent a good chunk of time with Marvel Heroes and saw its potential for those that appreciate the grind for better gear during end-game. There's no official word from the studio or from Disney about this new development but since the closure is now suggested to be within days expect new details soon.