ESGS 2017: Project Xandata Interview And Hands On Impressions

During ESGS 2017 we got a chance to play a round of Project Xandata's latest build. And to make things better we even got the opportunity to sit down with Technical Development Director Gene Gacho to talk about what to expect with Secret 6's multiplayer shooter as they enter their Closed Beta phase this November. 

Then and Now

I remember Project Xandata. A surprise shooter by a local studio that's been working on it for months during that time. As I sat down to play a few rounds of multiplayer in their small setup during last year's ESGS, I was surprised on the potential for the shooter fueled by the Unreal Engine. IT was fun going against enemies in a Quake-like gameplay that instantly provided variety with the type of weapons available. This year development has ramped up with the game now capable for the studio to organize local tournaments. The last time we saw the shooter was during the Pinoy Gaming Festival, where the first tournament was held. The next one was during ESGS 2017. 

The great thing about attending events such as ESGS is to see growth of games you've experienced during the last year. Playing the latest build of Xandata got me excited. The improvements in the game's gameplay were apparent. Three classes are now in the game. The Juggernaut is considered the heavy duty unit in the game, the Agent prefers working in the shadows and seems to be the lightweight unit in the bunch while the Marksman is the balance of the two. There was a variety of skills available to change up your loadout and weapons show different properties that could cater to different play styles. I wasn't able to get a good idea when it comes to the game's map layout with just a few matches but I heard they are aiming for five maps on launch. Everybody has their own ultimate that deliver good results if used properly and the shooting element in the game felt spot on. Player life seems quite high which makes it feel more like a team-oriented experience instead of promoting the lone wolf approach. All in all, it's shaping well despite the small development time spent on the game so far.


As I was talking to the developers, they did mention that different content aside from multiplayer is a possibility, but multiplayer is the sole focus at this point. With that in mind, player progression is an important pillar for any multiplayer game so I'm curious to see how they'll tackle it and if it will be available in the near future. With the Closed Beta coming out soon, I wonder if the gameplay has enough pulling power to create a growing community for this team shooter, but the future looks bright from where I'm standing. 

Project Xandata is currently in development at Secret 6 for the PC. A Closed Beta is planned for the game this November via Steam, no exact date was given as to when it will be available. For more details on Project Xandatacheck out their Facebook page