ESGS 2017: No Heroes Allowed! VR Hands-On - Godspeed You! Dark Overlord


PlayStation Asia was really keen on highlighting the growing number of offerings on the PlayStation VR platform. We've already written about The Inpatient and No Heroes Allowed! VR is just one more of many such VR hands-on demos you'll read about from us.

In this strategy game, you're summoned by Badman and his daughter Badmella to serve as a sort of all-powerful overlord to the world. A lot of the context of why you've been charged with this duty and what your overall motivations are were lost on me, but that might have been a consequence of losing track of expositon in a noisy convention hall.

The game immediately draws comparisons to games like Overlord and Dungeon Keeper but without their deeper base building elements.  The core mechanics are quite straightforward. You summon monsters onto the board using the motion sensing capabilities of the DualShock 4 controller.

The monster hierarchy means that you work your way up in developing the map ecology to support stronger creatures. Then you send them off to smash pesky do-gooder heroes and inevitably marshall enough forces to make a great push into their castle base and conquer them utterly. It's simple fare, but surprisingly satisfying in spite of that.

My only contention with No Heroes Allowed! VR is that the virtual reality setup doesn't really add much to the experience. Without the headset camera controls, it's practically indistinguishable from any other point and click strategy affair. Still, although No Heroes Allowed! VR doesn't really make a case for VR, it remains a solid arcade strategy experience.

No Heroes Allowed! VR is available for PlayStation VR, and was released on October 17, 2017.