ESGS 2017: MoKai Adventure AR Hands On

During ESGS 2017, we met up with the guys from the Taipei Game Show booth and showed us a cute and interesting mobile game. It's called MoKai Adventure AR by the guys at Werold Games and it uses the AR technology quite well.

AR technology isn't new, we get it. The Nintendo 3DS had something similar and Pokemon Go actually has AR technology but it's best to be turned off if you want to save batteries. Many companies are testing out the tech, especially on mobile and Werold Games' attempt is monster battling with a full deck of cards created by them, with the application needed to play the game free for all on iOS and Android. 

A Quick Fun Game For Family And Friends

You can see the devs running us through a game of MoKai Adventures AR above, but essentially it's a 1v1 battle with each player tasked to damage the opposing player with creatures they summon. By placing a card down on one of the available slots on your side of the battle board, a creature associated with the card appears with their number/face representing its power. For example, using a jack card will summon a monster with a power of 11. Ace cards are apparently worth 1 point. Crazy, I know. After each player is done summoning their creatures, the battle concludes automatically, with each monster going head-on with the monster adjacent to it. If you don't have a monster to go against your opponent's monster its current power damages your overall life. If a monster's power hits zero it's out and the player has an empty slot to summon yet another monster. When the player's life goes to zero they lose the game. 

That's the gist of it and it was actually pretty fun. With a limit of what cards you can put down in a given turn, it becomes a game of proper card placements and when to use the Joker card (kills everything on the board). The MoKai Adventure AR cards also make use of the suit in each card, making it a buff feature for the game.

When we saw it, we were impressed on how the mobile software was able to quickly recognize the card placed on the battle mat, summoning the monster with ease. How deep the gameplay can be is yet to be seen but Werold Games has something going here. Sadly, the deck of cards and mats are currently unavailable in the Philippines. It is only available in Taiwan at the moment.

For more information on MoKai Advenrure AR follow their Facebook page for any updates.