Grimoire: Manastorm Leaves Early Access Soon


Grimoire: Manastorm is one of just a few FPS attempting to prove that spell slinging is just as good at taking names as shooting guns. The game will be leaving Steam's Early Access program tomorrow. 

There are six different classes to choose from, and by 'classes' we mean 'wizards,' each representing different elements. The game's central mode is multiplayer, pitting you against fellow wizards battling for territory and prestige using dozens of abilities from your spellbook. 

Grimoire: Manastorm is free-to-play which means you have the option of playing with one of two classes made free in rotation, or pay to get the other classes through earned currency or with real monies. It's currently on sale ahead of its full release, giving you all the classes at 25% off, though you might want to give it a go first before committing.