ESGS 2017: TMG Podcast Day 2


Day 2 felt like the foot traffic for ESGS 2017 have doubled compared to day 1. I've never seen so many people in one area for video games with big smiles, excited to compete and also experience new games. The TMG crew played more of the games on the show floor and we played a good chunk of the big highlights as well as the local and independent games available. 


  • Monster Hunter World
  • The Inpatient
  • GT Sport
  • Academia: School Simulator
  • Hellwarders
  • Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi?
  • Conquered 
  • Mokai Adventure
  • Mr. Catt

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ESGS 2017 is one of the biggest gaming conventions in SouthEast Asia. Lots of great games to check out and if you haven't, be sure to check out all our coverage of the event.