Destiny 2's First Expansion Goes Live This December

Curse of  Osiris will be Destiny 2's first expansion and it will go l live December 5. It was announced at Sony's Paris Games Week presentation, revealing a new trailer showing the expansion's story. 

Based on the trailer above, Vex has been amassing their numbers in Mercury while the guardians fought the Cabal threat  The expansion will continue the story of Destiny 2, with players meeting a character named Osiris and it feels like it will have the warlock Ikora Ray heavily included in the first expansion's story. Osiris might come out as a familiar name since there was a game mode called Trials of Osiris back in the first game.

It is said that Curse of Osiris will include new story missions, a new planet to explore (Mercury), new raid content, new activities, and of course new loot. This is the first official look at the expansion and there are no details as to what kind of content activities will be available and if the new raid content will be available once the DLC goes live. 

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