Tekken 7's Pre-order Incentive Is Always Sleepy

Tekken is known to throw unusual characters to the already crazy roster, and Eliza, the immortal sleepy head, fights the bill. She's a vampire of course and her moves feel like she would be a perfect addition to any fighting game. 

Eliza isn't a new character, she made her debut in Tekken Revolution, the Free-To-Play game that's planned to cease operations on March 20 of this year. 

This is slowly becoming a tread for the fighting game genre, with characters being given as a pre-order incentive. Mortal Kombat X did the same offering by giving away Goro to early buyers, as well as the upcoming Injustice 2, giving those that pre-order the big bad Darkseid.

Tekken 7 is set for a June 2 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.