For Honor Closed Beta Registration Now Open

If you are anxious to try out Ubisoft's melee-focused game For Honor, a handful of players will get the opportunity to play it during its upcoming Closed Beta event happening on January 26-29. Sign up, side with a faction, and fight for...well, honor? 

Registrations are open and so head over to the link and get a chance to play the online aspect of the game. 

This hack and slash action game has a unique melee system called "The Art of Battle" which initiates the moment you face off with a real player or a specific AI. This system lets both players square off one-on-one and angle their weapon in three ways: above, left, and right. your angle shows your point of attack, at the same time, it shows your vulnerable side. Same goes with the opponent, so it's a unique system that brings out the strategy to a melee combat, as suppose to the similar games that let you just let it all out, swinging your sword around until someone falls.

For Honor will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 14, 2017.