Dark Souls 3 Player Mocks One Of The Game's Toughest Bosses

Dark Souls is considered a very difficult game, with bosses that require precision and patience in order to overcome them. But one player decided to take it upon himself to make it even more challenging, adding a few rules to a boss fight in order to really test himself in the art of parry.

Not sure why iHardlyTriHard Gaming would challenge himself this way but despite the unusual rules he has set, it was quite impressive that he actually pulled it off. 

The rules? You can only damage the boss by doing a 720 degree spin then parry Gundyr, the optional boss' attack behind your back. Once you get the parry, damage the boss, do the 'Praise the sun' gesture then remove either a piece of armor or ring each time you hit him. Rinse and repeat until you win. And to make it even more absurd, you must swap to a different weapon and shield for the next parry. 

Dark Souls 3 is up there as one of the most challenging titles for the series and it's quite entertaining that players add these types of rules for added difficulty but still find it doable, mocking what many I'm sure would consider a tough boss in the game. 

Can you do such a challenge?