World of Final Fantasy Gets a Release Date, Premium Content for SEA

Still bummed at the fact that Final Fantasy XV is now a November release? It would have been released today but delays are just hard to avoid nowadays. But don't fret, if you need a Final Fantasy fix, World of Final Fantasy might just do the trick when it hits shelves this October. 

World of Final Fantasy, a chibi take on famous iconic characters and creatures from the Final Fantasy world will hit stores on October 25, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For those living in the Philippines, the suggested retail price (SRP) is placed at PHP 2,499 for the PS4 version, while the PS Vita gets a 1,699 price tag. 

Those in South East Asia will have access to premium content -- there will be product codes for the Japanese Voice feature, "White Chocobo, "Light Moogle", "Asteria", and the ability to summon the most iconic villain in the Final Fantasy franchise, Sephiroth.