Titanfall 2 Open Beta Will Be Available During The Last Two Weekends of August

Surprise! Just as we got news of an Open Beta for that other game at the end of the month, we get details to when everybody will get a chance to try out Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 Multiplayer. It will run for the next two weekends, so ready up your PS4 and Xbox One, because we got a client to download on August 19. 

When the Open Beta hits this Friday(Saturday for those in Asia) PS4 & Xbox One owners will have access to two game modes: Bounty, which is a 5v5 that pits two teams against the Remnants; and Pilots vs Pilots, an 8v8 that puts "combat and mobility to the ultimate test". Two maps will be available this weekend: Boomtown & Homestead.

During the last weekend of August, the Open Beta resumes and they will be adding one extra game mode called Amped Hardpoint, which is a 6v6 mode with a twist on Hardpoint Domination. The last weekend will also include a new map called Base Kodai.

Together with this announcement, a new trailer hit giving info about the Open Beta. You can watch it below and ready yourselves, because Titanfall 2 Open Beta drops this weekend.