Final Fantasy XV Delayed Yet Again, No One Is Surprised

You'd think a big event revealing tons of information all set to support the announced release date would give you some sort of assurance for it's release on September 30. Nope, Final Fantasy is officially pushed to November 29. 

Rumors were circulating that a delay was iminent, pushing back Final Fantasy XV to November. It's now official, with November 29 as the new release date. The reason for such a delay is for more polish and quality testing before it ships, which is a common thing now in the industry. But in Final Fantasy XV's case? It's quite special -- this project has been in developed for 10 years now. 

I'm sure it's disappointing for the fans out there but hey, there's a couple of Final Fantasy content coming to get you all excited for the game's release. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the full CG movie taking place during one point in the game, will be out this August in selected cinemas and digitally on August 30. Also, the anime called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, providing more details on Notcis' crew is still on-going, with a couple of episodes already released for free in Youtube