Dark Souls 3 Gets Its First DLC Expansion This October

Update: Trailer is now LIVE

Still working on Dark Souls 3? Well, get to it because more content will be available soon and it will add new content such as weapons, spells, and a PVP arena.

This is the first Downloadable Content for Dark Souls 3 and is confirmed to be called "Ashes of Ariandel". It's planned for an October 25 launch and a trailer was released but was soon pulled for unknown reasons. We will update it once it goes live again. 


From what Polygon has gathered, weapons such as a fiery sword, ice spells, and a light-filled boomerang are weapons to expect in the expansion. The PVP arena is also said to be called "Immortal Competition".

Dark Souls 3 has two planned DLC expansion that can be purchased separately once released, but if you'd like to get yourself set for all future content for this punishing game, the Season Pass is available and will cost $24.99

Written By: Carlos Hernandez