XSplit Acquires Challonge and Player.me

SplitmediaLabs, makers of the broadcast and live streaming software XSplit, has acquired Player.me, a new social media platform for gamers, and Challonge, a tournament management service, the prime choice for most tournaments in recent years.

This is SplitmediaLabs' $10 million investment to create a unified platform that connects the gaming community and enhancing the gaming experience with the technologies from Player.me and Challonge. This will provide even more support for tournament organizers, competitive players, and fans, to easily connect to one another. 

“Both products deliver the best in class experience in their respective areas. To date we’ve been mainly focused on maintaining leadership and driving organic growth of XSplit, but these acquisitions will move us into the realm of providing more services for the gaming community as part of a grander vision,” said Henrik Levring, CEO of SplitmediaLabs.

“There has been tremendous growth in our particular space recently, but very little coming out is truly different,” continues Levring. “We’re going to shake things up a bit over the next few years, by making streaming opportunities as accessible and rewarding as possible for all, from individual players and content creators to eSports entrepreneurs and publishers. We’ll have more to reveal about these plans soon.”

The combined entity will have a total of over 8 million registered users, 2 million unique monthly visitors and 90,000+ tournaments created each month. 

This is an interesting move coming from SplitmediaLabs. How they will mesh their new acquisitions to their game plan remains to be seen, but changes is definitely coming on how gamers will use player.me and Challonge.  

What's player.me? Try it yourself, it's a social media platform to grow your gaming circle, and share your created content to the world.

What's Challonge? It's the go-to tool for creating tournament brackets. Anybody can use it and it's fairly simple to implement for those planning tournaments for any game.

Challonge released a statement with the recent acquisition, as well as player.me.