Evolve Going Free-To-Play on PC

There were reports that Turtle Rock's Evolve was not available on the Steam Store. Now, there's a good reason for this - Evolve is going Free-To-Play on PC and the beta starts tomorrow, July 7, 2016.

This is great news for the 4v1 multiplayer game because since it's release, it's been struggling to keep the player base in reasonable numbers for the community. Balance changes will be implemented with the business model switch and all DLC content will be unlock by simply playing the game. 

Owners of the game will be put in a Founders status, unlocking all the content they already own and give extra perks that they can use in-game. 

Turtle Rock broke the news by posting an open letter to their community and you can find the post here.

Is this a good move? Most probably since many were discussing for a long time that Evolve will benefit more as a Free-To-Play title. The big problem at the moment is the current player count on PC. Going to this free model will help increase the player base and only time will tell if the progression of earning new hunters/monsters, balance changes, and future content will be enough to sustain a stronger community for Evolve.

Written by : Carlos Hernandez