Battlefield 1 Announced, Set In World War I

The big announcement coming from DICE and EA has finally hit. The new Battlefield coming on October 21, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, is not Battlefield 5 but Battlefield 1. World War I setting people.

This is actually a great idea considering that most shooters have shifted into the modern setting with some even going futuristic. FPS shooters being set in the past has become a memory, and it's about time one franchise is going back to their roots of some sort.

It also feels like a good change considering we are all fixed with the same set of modern weaponry and vehicles through the years. The idea of having World War I dog fights and a possibility of controlling zeppelins is something I can get behind. 

Battlefield 1, it's still a weird name though.

Watch the trailer below.