The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Coming Out Next Week, Launch Trailer Out Now

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Screen-1

The third season of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead starts next week. For the first time, the premiere for this episodic game will have the first two episodes released on the same day. Episode one and two, named "Ties That Bind Part 1" and "Ties That Bind Part 2" will be available for download on December 20.

A new launch trailer was released and can be viewed below. We see the return of Clementine, together with a new playable protagonist named Javier Garcia. Years have passed since the events of season 2, and a whole new cast of characters is shown, as well as a new threat for the third season of the game. 

Telltale is one busy studio. They are currently finishing up their episodic series Batman: Telltale Series, and they also recently announced a collaboration with Marvel to release an episodic game on Guardians of the Galaxy, which was announced at this year's Game Awards. Guardians of the Galaxy will be a five-part series and is slated for a 2017 release.