Telltale Games Continue To Be One Busy Studio

Telltale Games is one busy studio. They are currently wrapping up their take on the Caped Crusader with Batman: Telltale Series, but more is coming our way with the debut of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier later this month and the recently announced Guardians of The Galaxy.

During the Game Awards 2016, Telltale Games revealed that they are working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game that will have their signature episodic format. A teaser trailer was released, but nothing else was given aside from the fact that this five-part episodic series will be out in 2017 and Starlord is rocking a tape that has Toploader on it. 

Now, here's the big question - will Groot be playable? We sure hope so.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Telltale Games is not done just yet. Also during the Game Awards, they revealed an extended first look at Season 3 of The Walking Dead. You'll be playing a new protagonist named Javier and the video revealed gives a little backstory for the new character.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier kicks off this December 20 with a two episode premiere, having two episodes available on the same day, a first for Telltale Games.