Steam Winter Sale Is Coming - Get Ready

Get ready - the great Steam Winter Sale is upon us. Paypal's UK Twitter account spilled the beans that this year's Winter Sale will start on December 22, and will run through January 2. Based on Gamespot, multiple sources are pointing that this week could be the start of the sale. 

The Winter Sale is a scarty time. A time where patience is tested, and if we can show any restraint once we see 80% off on a game we've always wanted to own. It's not going to be pretty, and the midweek sale just gave us a glimpse of how tempting the sales will be on Steam.

Deus Ex: Human Mankind was released just in August and it was given a surprising 67% discount, bringing the recently release sequel to P857.67, down from P2,599. Now, you can say there are other reasons in play to release a sale like this, but regardless - imagine all those discounts staring at you during the last days of 2016. It will be quite the test indeed. 

Will you lessen your Steam backlog or add more titles to the list? Leave your thoughts below!