Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

Still wondering if Titanfall 2 will be worth the plunge? This weekend, the multiplayer portion of the game will be Free-To-Play. 

The free weekend will be available to EA Access (Xbox One) and Origin Access (PC) members on November 30 to December 4. The free trial will be available to everyone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 2 and will last until December 4

This free weekend comes together with the release of a free release of the remastered map Angel City, which was a fan favorite back in the first game. Those who pre-ordered Titanfall 2 can get access to the map on November 30, while the rest will get it on December 3. Not only do we get a new map for free, more content is coming for free as well - the B3 Wingman Elite Sidearm, six new titan kits, and a new pilot execution. Paid content will also come its way to the game, giving player the choice of buying cosmetic items that will give you a unique look. 

Respawn Entertainment is sticking true when they announced that all maps and upcoming gameplay content will be free of charge, with no Season Pass dividing the player base.

We've played Titanfall 2's campaign and multiplayer extensively. We talked about it  and it's a damn good shooter in all aspects. But it suffers from a horrible release date, hindering the amount of players currently playing the multiplayer portion of the game, with long waiting times being seen in certain game modes. The free weekend is a good step at the right direction to get players interested in the shooter, which might help increase the number of active players in each platform.