ESGS 2016: Save The World: The Misadventures of Luis and Joana Was Quite A Surprise

What happens when you mix a tad bit of Scott Pilgrim into Binding of Isaac? Well, you get something like Save The World: The Misadventures of Luis and Joana. A title that's fairly new in development but the folks at Muramasa Games had a workable build of the game to show at the ESGS floor. Will talks to Iggy Javellana, one of the developers at Muramasa Games, about Save The World to get an idea of how to tackle this kind of project moving forward. 


The concept is quite out there, with the idea of giving yet another rogue-like title into the wild with a more comic art style that would make it appealing to a larger crowd. The build is fairly bare so the difficulty of such a game is still in question. But again, this is in its early stages and we will keep an eye on the production of this title from Muramasa Games.

For more information about Save The World, visit their Facebook or Muramasa Games' website