Nintendo NX Revealed -- Say Hello To The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has done it. They finally revealed the Nintendo NX -- It's officially called Nintendo Switch, a home console with a very diverse concept. 

On our end, mixed thoughts on Nintendo's next console hybrid. We will discuss it further on the next episode of the TMG Podcast.

Release window is confirmed to be March 2017. Information on specs, even battery life, has not been formally announced by Nintendo, but in a blog post from Nvidia, they state that the Nintendo Switch is running a custom Tegra processor.  

The Nintendo Switch is going for the option to play however you want, wherever you want. The traditional home console to TV setup is present, with the Nintendo Switch placed on a "Nintendo Switch Dock",  but once you need to step out, you can simply take the Nintendo Switch out of the dock by attaching the system with the new Joy-Con Controllers (remote controllers similar to the Wii Remote) on the sides,  and it will automatically switch to "portable mode" and act as a handheld device. 

While you have the Nintendo Switch on-the-go, the Joy-Con Controllers can then be detached, leaving the screen to be placed on a flat surface, as you use the Joy-Con Controllers like how you would use the Wii Remote Controller. There's also the option to play two players by giving one of the Joy-Con controller to each player. The flexibility of this new system is pretty impressive and really capitalized the word "hybrid". 

Third party support was also mentioned, giving us a sample of those giving support to the new system coming March of next year. During the announcement video above, games such as Skyrim and NBA 2K17 was featured, but it is not clear whether games such as those will be part of the release window of the Nintendo Switch.