TMG Podcast Episode 112 – Global Game Jam 2016 And All Their Rituals


This week, the crew checked out one of the sites for this year's Global Game Jam 2016. Carlos is stressed with The Darkest Dungeon, Miggy talks about a Rick and Morty game that's pretty much Pokemon, and Will explores the western release of the MMORPG Blade and Soul.

Episode Breakdown

- Blade and Soul - Rick and Morty Game: Pocket Mortys - Darkest Dungeon - Global Game Jam 2016 (Ritual) The Global Game Jam this year had Over 36,000 jammers across 93 countries, and have created almost 6800 games. You can play most of them over here:

If you'd like to try out the games featured in this episode, head over to the ADMU Site page here:

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