Zelda + Minecraft = Minicraft / Minitale

MiniTale Minecraft creator "Notch" joined this thing called the 48-hour game development challenge which had developers make their own game from scratch in a span of 2 days. Markus "Notch" Persson made a top-down Zelda looking game which had some crafting elements similar to Minecraft.

Originally this game was named "Minicraft" but Notch has then since tweeted that the game is now going to be called "MiniTale" and even snagged both a .com and .net domain for it. He also announced that there will be a sequel to this game so MiniTale may get a full release some time soon.

You can try out the game for free here.

Source [PressHearttoContinue]

The only reason why Minecon happened

The reason behind Minecon was a very simple and somewhat a bit of a shallow thing. Aside from it happening on the day of Minecrafts official full version launch. Notch wanted it to be a bit more special.

The only real reason as to why Minecon happened was because Notch wanted to go on a stage infront of a crown and press a button (in this case it was a Minecraft switch) that officially releases the game. That's about it. Sure Minecraft is a pretty cool game and all. With it's sandbox style world and giving you the ability to create what ever the hell you want. The first thing that came to my mind when I first heard about Minecon was "lol". But hey, atleast someone got a marriage proposal out of it.

Doesn't Notch look like Al, owner of Al's Toy Barn, from Toy Story 2?


Xbox Live Arcade Minecraft starts with a Beta

Minecraft is coming to XBLA and Minecraft creators Markus "Notch" Persson and Daniel Kaplan want to take it a bit slow.

From [Gameinformer]

In an excellent interview with Develop, Mojang's Markus "Notch" Persson and Daniel Kaplan shed new light on Minecraft's forthcoming launch on Xbox Live Arcade. Persson says "the way we’re going to do it is similar to how we did Minecraft on the PC. So we’ll do a beta version first or something like that and then try to get feedback – find out which parts are actually fun to do, what do you like doing when playing on the console as opposed to the PC. I think there will be a big overlap in terms of both console and PC players, and they can help us figure it out."

Kaplan added that mods will not be included in the Xbox 360 version, and updates will not be as fast due to the extensive testing that must be done to not "break the Xbox system." For more info on the Xbox 360, PC, and Android versions, check out Develop's interview.


Minecraft is at 1.7

Haven't visited your Minecraft world lately? Got bored making random things? No reason to boot up your world? Well now you do. Team Mojang has now updated Minecraft to 1.7 and now we have pistons!

Pistons may not sound like much to you at a glance, especially with how simple it looks but people have already done some incredibly creative things with it. My favorite is the transforming entrance.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZJr86d2IUo&w=560&h=349]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo4UFb2YKI0&w=560&h=349]