Weekend, What Are You Playing?

Diablo 2: LOD It's the first week of May! For me, I consider this Diablo month since Diablo 3 is literally days away from release. In preparation, I already know what I'll be playing before May 15. How about you guys? What are you playing?

Quash: Just 10 days left and Diablo 3 will be released to the public. So to keep the hype going, I'm playing Diablo 2 again for the 9th time. Well, I believe it's the 9th time. I've lost count on the number of times I've re-installed Diablo 2 just to have another go at acts 1 - 5. I still can't believe I was just in high school when I first played Diablo 2 for the first time. The gap between Diablo 2 and 3 is pretty big.

In celebration of the release of Diablo 3, Diablo 2 Battle.net ladders had a reset last May 2. Reset meaning all ladder characters created online will be brought back to level 1 with all your epic items erased. So with all those level 99 characters gone, I gave it a shot at rising up the ladder to make a high level character. I'm currently at level 43 as an Assassin character and nowhere near the top players in the asian realm. Don't get shocked,that only took two days thanks to some playing doing free runs through all the acts in normal difficulty. Now I'm going through Nightmare alone on act 2, hoping to get better gear.

With a player like me who has not played the game in a while, and was able to reach level 43 in just 2 days, you must be wondering how the hardcore players are doing. Well the overall highest character at the moment just hit level 93. So yea, I'm not that crazy after all. It looks like my aim to have my character as one of the top characters is looking pretty grim, but at this point - I just want to finish Hell again. This will be pretty much my game until the 15th. I have plans to play either an Amazon or Barbarian but this time on Hardcore.

unfarted 2

Migoy: And yet another late entry for me though I hope that will be remedied very very soon. For this weekend I spent a crap ton of time playing 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I got 2 endings earlier in the week and spent most of my Saturday getting the other 4 and oh man was it a wild ride. This is by far the best game I've played all year, sure we're only half way through 2012 but out of the games I've played so far I haven't enjoyed nearly as much as this. If you ever get to play 999, I suggest play it the first time around with absolutely no help/guides. Just enjoy your first playthrough then if possible do the same for your 2nd and 3rd only then will I allow you to look up the Safe and True endings (pro tip; do the True ending last).

After that I finally started Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I gotta say that I did not enjoy the first Uncharted game but the 2nd is easily enjoyable. It's not one of those "hard to put down" games, at least for me, but  it's definitely one of those games that makes you think "I wonder what happens next?" which makes it easy to keep on going.