Sequel to Warhawk announced

Remember Warhawk? that multiplayer third person shooter with vehicle and flight combat? well, after countless rumors, they have officially announced the sequel to Warhawk and it's called Starhawk. It looks like a completely different game all together. It's still a third person shooter with vehicles just like the last game but their adding mechs, transforming fighter jets and some RTS elements into the mix.


Warhawk was one of the first games to implement the Sixaxis in their gameplay. by default, you control your vehicles by tilting your Sixaxis controller in different directions rather than the more conventional methods of using the analog stick or d-pad. For Starhawk, they won't be implementing the Sixaxis like last game since they feel that it doesn't fit their game.

The Sixaxis feature is almost non-existent to most PS3 game out now and i don't think that many people liked it anyways. The latest game that still bothered to support the Sixaxis was Killzone 3, they still make the players arm those bomb charges or interact with valves using the Sixaxis. Why? I have no idea.

The added RTS elements to call certain buildings into the fight is somewhat unique and is said to change the tide of battle. Not sure what to say about calling buildings to fall from the sky on a fast-paced third person shooter but it's too soon to judge with so little info about it. Of course there will be multiplayer so i'm really curious on this comes out in the end.