Motal Kombat Vita Gameplay and Features


Mortal Kombat for the PS Vita just got announced a while back which surprised a lot of people since the latest Mortal Kombat is still a fairly new game. Some gameplay footage along with information about some of its new features has just surfaced and it's looking pretty good.

The Vita version will have all the characters and costumes (DLC included) from the its HD counterpart with a few obvious downgrades in terms of textures and graphics. Even with the portable downgrade, the game still looks incredible and is said to run at a solid 60 frames per second. Gameplay still looks as solid as the home console version and the new "gimmick" features that uses the front touchscreen and the accelerometer actually look fun.

touch xray

Some of the new features that were revealed was an option to use the touchscreen for performing fatalities, this was not something that they needed to add but it's nice that it's in there. Another new feature that was included is a new challenge tower that will have challenges that cleverly takes use of the Vita's technology such as using the accelerometer to balance your character so that they don't fall in a pit of death, wiping the blood off the screen while in battle, or fending off incoming missiles during a heated match.

Touchscreen and accelerometer gimmicks are usually an afterthought and end up not really adding much to the overall game or sometimes even hinder the experience. NetherRealm is actually incorporating a lot of really neat ideas into this portable bloodbath and quite frankly I am excited to see what the final product will be.