Pinoy2dFighters presents: Oktoberfist 2011

Oktoberfist happening October 15, 2011 Pinoy2dfighters, one of our local fighting game community here in the Philippines have yet another event happening this Saturday. The event will include a Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2v2 tournament and a 1v1 Mortal Kombat tournament. feel the hype!

Sadly this time around I won't be attending their event. A few weeks ago I was registered to participate on their teams tournament but plans have changed since I needed to attend a family lunch on Saturday(If I don't go, me dead).

Pinoy2dfighters is a growing community in the Philippines that hosts 2d fighting tournaments. If you want to compete with the best the Philippines has to offer in the 2D fighting realm, head over to their events, they won't disappoint.  I've attended around 4 major events and each one came out successful. We're talking about events that are jam-packed, hardly able to get seats. Last tournament had 100+ attendees, with 3 tournaments in one venue.

For those who are here in the Philippines and want to get into the tournament action, head on over to Oktoberfist happening this Saturday. Everybody is welcome to join! Head over to for more details on each tournament. If you can't no worries, There's definitely more in the future so look out for them. Oh speaking of which, here's the trailer for Oktoberfist!

Oktoberfist happening on October 15, 2011. Show up if you can to support them!