Soul Sacrifice - A twisted PS Vita action horror game

Soul Sacrifice_ PS VIta Soul Sacrifice. An action horror game coming to the PS Vita. If you actually have a list of games you can't wait to get for your Vita, maybe you should also add this into your list. It's from the mind of Keiji Inafune, one of the creators of Mega Man that apparently has a twisted mind to conceptualize a game like this.

You play as a Sorcerer's slave, who is now in prison to be sacrificed to some demon. he then finds a book containing someones journal and I believe that's where he starts reading of this guy's rebellion again this sorcerer and the demons. That's what I understand so far about the game's story but the interesting thing about Soul Sacrifice is that in order for players to use specific abilities or magic, they need to make a sacrifice.

Soul Sacrifice - Teaser trailer 

What the character did in the teaser is pretty much him sacrificing his own spine to wield that creepy looking sword named Excalibur. Problem is, no spine = death. That's pretty much the core concept on the game's gameplay - Sacrificing game environments and even parts of your body to use certain abilities. Sacrificing your own blood, your eyes, fingers, and certain objects in the environment can be sacrificed to perform certain magics. Pretty interesting stuff.

Soul Sacrifice will also support 4 player co-op. Everybody loves co-op and I'm sure this will be the game's biggest selling point. I wonder if you can sacrifice your own teammate though?

The game so far looks amazing on the Vita. That handheld sure has a lot of power in it. A presentation was held showcasing the game and thanks to Sony, they released a dubbed version of that presentation for the people who don't speak Japanese. Best parts are really Part 1 and 2 since you actually see gameplay of the game. If music is your thing, you might get a kick of part 2 of the presentation.

Soul Sacrifice Presentation Part 1 - Story, concept, offscreen single player gameplay

Soul Sacrifice Presentation Part 2 - Sound score, game sound

Soul Sacrifice Presentation Part 3 - 4 player co-op

It was just revealed in Japan on May 10 and so far, no word if this game will receive an english version. I have no doubt it will get an english port, the question now is when will it happen?


Source: [Famitsu]